ASNT LEVEL III(RT,UT,MT,PT,VT,ET,LT,IR,NR,VA,AE,ML) also certified in API 510,570,653,571,577,580,936,1169,SIFE,SIRE

 I have an overall experience of more than 40 years in NDT Field and Inspection of Pressure Vessels, Piping and Above Ground Storage Tanks. I am the ASNT LEVEL III(RT,UT,MT,PT,VT,ET,LT,IR,NR,VA,AE,ML) also certified in API 510,570,653,571,577,580,936,1169,SIFE,SIRE.

I have trained so far more than 1500 engineers and scientists in the field of NDT in India and Abroad.

My nature of work includes inspection of castings, forgings, pressure vessels (Designing, fabrication inspection) and pipe lines. 

I am familiar in Destructive and Nondestructive inspection technique, as applicable to Welds, castings, forgings etc as well as inspection of raw materials with relevant specifications.

I am thoroughly proficient in all welding techniques, procedures and WPQ verification and certification for all kinds of welding like SAW, SMAW, FCAW, GTAW, PAW etc for all positions Including 5G & 6G also. I have done this kind of service for many reputed Indian companies and foreign organizations like M/S Eagle Staffing Inc Alabama USA.

I have worked in Petroleum industries, refineries, fertilizers, Thermal and nuclear Power industries, aerospace & Aircraft Industries, Ship building Industries, Rigs etc

I have very specialized knowledge and skill in Air-craft Material NDT 
(Particularly NDT for The composites and Honey comb structures used in Aircraft)

I am thoroughly familiar with all the relevant applicable Codes and Standards for Nondestructive Testing and well versed in the documentation procedures.

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